The founder of SpaceX has made changes to his plan to colonize Mars. He will present the adjustments during a congress in Australia later this month.

It’s been almost a year since SpaceX founder Elon Musk unveiled his complex plan to establish a human colony of 1 million people on Mars. Now, Musk is ready to announce some adjustments to his Martian plan.

Musk unveiled its Martian plan, which focuses largely on rockets and spacecraft that can transport people to Mars, during the International Congress of Astronautics (IAC) held last year in Guadalajara, Mexico .

Later, in the summer, Musk revealed that his plan had “evolved enough”.

In particular, he said in an interview that the size of the vehicles that could carry the pioneers on Mars had been reduced so they would not be so expensive. The revised design could be able to perform missions to the Earth and Mars orbit.

“Maybe we can pay for it by using it for activities in Earth orbit. That’s one of the key elements of the new architecture,” he said.

He then explained via Twitter that reducing the diameter of the vehicles could also allow them to fit inside the existing SpaceX factories.

Musk has not released its revised plan and design to present in person on the last day of this year’s Astronautics Congress to be held in Adelaide, Australia, on September 29. According to the conference website, Musk will share one of the most anticipated presentations during the afternoon. The presentation will be broadcast live.