Elon Musk Tesla Model S Update will “End Range Anxiety”The CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, tweeted that the company’s new model will be able to go grater distances with one charge.

In his tweet, Musk mentioned that the company’s press conference scheduled for Thursday will feature interesting announcements, such as the new software updates that are going to “end range anxiety.”

One of the Model S new features is wireless software updates, which will simplify the updating process, and eradicate the need for going to a mechanic for improvements.

Musk’s tweet does not explicitly state the mileage the new model will be able to achieve with a single charge. At this point, however, the Model S “D” edition is the best in the mileage field, able to go about 270 miles with one charge. The standard Model S can go either 208 or 265 miles, the latter being a version with a larger battery pack.

This is an already seen improvement, as the company’s Roadster electric cars had a similar update last year. While today, Roadsters can go 400 miles per charge, their previous possible mileage was 245 per charge. This improvement was made possible with the same wireless, over-the-air additional features.

The concept of wireless upgrades is an entirely new realm for the automobile industry, and Tesla is a pioneer in it. The future is questionable; however, it is possible that the introduction of over-the-air updates will, in the future, mean that getting a better car will not mean buying it, but simply wirelessly upgrading it.