Experts say uncluttered night skies are over as NASA aims to clean up space debris.

NASA hopes to clean up space junk; experts say the days of uncluttered night skies are "over"

NASA Aims to Tackle Growing Space Debris With Remediation Report

According to a report by Salon, Earth’s skies today are not as observable because of the significant number of satellites and man-made debris in orbit around it. This signalled the need for NASA to release its recent report on “orbital debris remediation.” The report suggests an array of techniques for cleaning up space debris from lasers, “just-in-time collision avoidance” and deploying “sweeper” spacecraft. Associate Professor Dr Carolin Frueh agrees with the report, saying “just as we have mitigation of terrestrial pollution, we need to mitigate debris in space.” Unfortunately, developments on Earth, such as Elon Musk’s SpaceX, continue to harm the environment. However, despite the daunting task of eliminating space debris, Professor Jah believes in a hybrid approach with a “little bit of everything” to address the issue.