In the controversy over false promises at Trump University, the future US President Donald Trump agreed to a settlement. Now he provides a strange justification for the agreement.

The legal dispute over dubious business practices related to “Trump University” has cost Donald Trump 25 million dollars. The upcoming president of the US had not been able to make an argument in court – for this he agreed with lawyers of the more than 6000 students, as was announced on Friday.

Now Trump has provided a reason for why he did not want to rely on a saying from the judges: time deficit. The only drawback of his election to the US president is that he has no time to “make a long but promising process”, he wrote on Saturday on Saturday. “Too bad.”

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump arrives at the the main clubhouse at Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster

Trump had agreed to the payment in order to settle several fraud procedures in connection with the training institution established by him. Former students had accused the real estate mogul of charging them with false promises to pay up to 35,000 dollars for the introduction into his industry. Trump is not guilty in the course of the settlement.

Also collective charges in California

The “Trump University” was designed to train students as successful real estate professionals and business people. It was not, however, a real university with recognized degrees, which is why the name had to be changed. The facility was operated from 2005 to 2010 and closed after fraud allegations. Trump employed lecturers who, according to court papers, had no or very few qualifications in real estate investment.

The New York public prosecutor Eric Schneiderman said the agreement as a “surprising turnaround Donald Trumps and a great victory for the more than 6000 victims of his fraudulent university.” Up to now, Trump has always refused to agree to a settlement even for small compensation payments.

In addition to Schneider’s trial in New York, Trump was also confronted with two collective charges in California. In San Diego, District Governor Gonzalo Curiel has yet to agree. In the election campaign, Trump Curiel had accused him of being caught up with a Mexican wall and a trumps campaign for a wall on the border with Mexico. Curiel had made an effort to reach an unanimous agreement – in his own words, to restore the country after the Trumps election.

Wilbur Ross as Trade Minister?

According to his colleague, Trump may be on the verge of the appointment of a high-ranking Cabinet Member. On Sunday he will meet with the investor Wilbur Ross, said a spokesman from Trumps employee.

Ross is traded as a trade minister. Like the future president, he is a billionaire and has gained political experience in Trumps’ hometown of New York. He worked there as a privatization consultant for the former mayor Rudy Giuliani. The occupation of the trading center should be pursued with particular interest worldwide. Trumps in the election campaign stoked worries of a growing protectionism. Trump also planned meetings with Guiliani and Chris Christie, Governor of New Jersey. There was also an encounter with Kris Kobach from Kansas, who Trump advised on immigration restrictions.