Here is McLaren team boss Andreas Seidl welcomes the early draft of a Formula 1 2021 calendar, but is critical of the abundance of races.

23 races are scheduled for the Formula 1 season 2021 . Compared to the originally planned number of races for this year, this means one more Grand Prix. It remains to be seen whether this will be feasible in view of the corona pandemic. Some teams would rather run fewer races one way or another.

McLaren is one of them . “It is no secret that we, Zak (Brown; d. R.) and I, have said several times that we are more in favor of driving fewer races, maybe 20,” says team boss Andreas Seidl.

In his mind one could have alternating races from year to year. “To make sure you can still visit different places and also new routes like the ones we have been on in the past but haven’t ridden in a while, like we saw this year,” he explains.

Seidl can well imagine the two-day format

“But ultimately that’s a decision that Formula 1 is responsible for. They know what the best way is for them, with all the analyzes that are carried out. We trust that they will make the right decisions.”

To compensate for the additional number of races, a two-day format for Formula 1 weekends had recently been discussed again and again, as it took place in Imola in 2020. For Seidl this is something “that could help reduce the workload of our employees,” says the McLaren team boss.

“Especially when these triple headers are in place, it could help to spend more time at home, especially for the mechanics and engineers. Friday evenings in particular are always very, very intense, also when it comes to work. So this would be the compact weekend, as we did at the Nürburgring and in Imola, help. ”

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