In the second half of 2014, Facebook observed an increase in the account data requests from governments compared to that during the first half of that year. These requests were also for information regarding content removal; as per the revelations of Global Government Requests Report of the Facebook.

Requests for providing account data increased from 34946 in the first half to 35051 in the second half due to the increasing numbers of requests from India and such other countries. On the other hand, requests from the U.S. and Germany had declined, as per the report of the largest social network of the world. The report said that Facebook took action against 9707 pieces of contents, and restricted their uses for their violating local laws, and the figure was 11% more than that of the first half. Of the 9707 pieces restricted, 5832 pieces had been in India and 3624 in Turkey. Monica Bickert, the head of Facebook’s policy management, wrote in her blog post that Facebook first scrutinized each and every government request, and if found deficient declined or returned. It has also been pushing governments worldwide to change their surveillance practices in such a way that apart from ensuring safety and security of the people, there rights and freedom of expression were protected. Bicker further added that Facebook objects to any unreasonable requests from governments, and any request for removal of a content for it being illegal, if complied,  was restricted access only in that particular country.

Facebook, Yahoo, Microsoft, and Google have started since the last year to publish the number of government requests for data they have been receiving. Facebook has updated its community standards, and advised users to desist from any racial, sexual, communal, and obscene posts.



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