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FBI Finds Top Secret Files from Trump’s House, but the Ex-US President Says They’re No-Longer Sensitive

PoliticsFBI Finds Top Secret Files from Trump’s House, but the Ex-US President Says They’re No-Longer Sensitive

After getting a search warrant to Donald Trump’s Palm Beach house, the FBI recovered several documents, some of which the FBI considers to be a significant threat to the country’s security if exposed to the wrong eyes. However, the former US president holds that the documents were declassified hence ceasing to be sensitive. Trump’s house search was the first to be conducted on a former US president’s residence.

Among items recovered by the security, sleuths include photos and information about the “President of France.” Others have a mix of documents; some market as top secret, secret, and confidential. According to the search warrant, the FBI was interested in materials that Trump may have and which contravened the United States Espionage Act. The act prohibits holding or sharing information likely to affect the country’s security.

Violating the act is punishable by a prison time of up to five years. Available information indicates the security agents only searched public places in the house and kept away from guest wings. Yesterday, Trump’s office maintained that the documents were no longer sensitive since the president had declassified them while he was the president. Note that a sitting US president can classify or declassify documents at will.

However, legal analysts are unsure whether the argument will hold in court. Speaking to BBC, an ex-lawyer at the Department of Justice, Tom Dupree, said that sitting presidents must follow specified procedures when classifying or declassifying documents. It’s unclear whether Trump followed such procedures when removing the documents from the classified corner.

Trump’s spokesman, Taylor Budowich, accused President Joe Biden of spreading “lies and innuendos” to suppress their “dominant political opponent.” The ex-president’s friends have also commented on the raid, saying it’s politically motivated since Trump is considering reclaiming his seat in next year’s elections.

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