Feeling lonely this holiday season? Here’s what can help


Being bombarded with pictures of family and friends partying may make you feel a sense of loneliness. Talking about this poignant aspect of mental health, especially this holiday season, Raageshwari Loomba, singer, television personality, and mindfulness speaker took to Facebook to share some important measures that can help you feel less lonely.

“Research shows that depression is on the rise during the holiday season because people find it difficult to be alone. Read this to protect your mental health,” she said.

We reached out to clinical psychologist Kamna Chhibber to help us understand more about why we tend to feel lonely in the first place. “Take a step back and evaluate where the feeling of loneliness may be emerging from,” Chhibber told indianexpress.com while noting that “comparing yourself to others and their lives” can lead to such feelings. “Instead focus on what holds meaning and value for you,” she added.

Loomba also listed down some measures.

Befriend nature

Dopamine gets released with various intimate activities but also with activities in the midst of nature. Watching a sunset alone is therapeutic. A 10–15 minute walk in a garden, park or the woods will boost your mood and increase calmness. Nature is your ‘ever-ready companion’ for life.

Eat, pray and love

– Cooking a meal is a mindful activity. (A drink might uplift you today but bear in mind alcohol in the long run is the enemy for mental health)
– Praying is all about being grateful and focusing on what you have. Perhaps, you don’t have family or romance in your life (yet) but you still have food on the table, and you have health and a positive mind. Focus on what you have to burgeon a positive mindset.
Loving yourself is the most sacred art that we must all learn. Love yourself with an oil bath, affirmations, or mirror work or get yourself a special gift.

Redefine loneliness

You can create your own definitions in life. Define being alone uniquely. Being alone is not always ‘being lonely’. It can be all about solitude, it can be all about inspiration, introspection, meditation and self-care. So make that change in your mind first.

Consider a good sleep routine (Source: Getty Images/Thinkstock)

Sleep well

Lack of sleep amplifies the negative emotive patterns, while a good night’s rest enhances the positive emotive patterns of optimism in life. Regulate and follow a dedicated sleep pattern.

Be mindful about social media use

Be mindful of which pages uplift you and which pages drown you in further sadness. Switch off social media and watch inspirational movies, hear podcasts, paint or read instead.

Remember you are your first soul-mate, Loomba added.

Chhibber also added a few more measures

– Look at connecting with your own self by reflecting on and working towards building goals for your personal and professional self
– Invest more time in the people who matter
– Attempt to build connections with people around you in the real world

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