Focus seems to be more of star vehicle than a movie and hence reviewing the movies is more of dilemma. It has no chemistry, no personality and certainly no goodish.

The career con man Nicky’s role is played by smith. He crosses path into New York with Jess, they are attracted to one another, Nicky brakes of after teaching Jess some small thing relating to sleight of hand and theft.

Robbie and Smith never clicked at any point throughout the motion, Jess lacks motivation and she is not a thought out character and Robbie has no role to play. Smith mostly looked moody on the basis of the “who is conning who” and there are no clarity on what level the two are connecting.

The favourite rom-com of the year is crazy, stupid, love which was directed by Glenn Ficarra and John Requa, this shows that they have the potential of doing better.