Ford and Microsoft are doubling again in order to bring car production to a fairly futuristic level

Apparently Microsoft’s HoloLens technology continues to be mostly leveraged by companies in what time and chips give it a place within a more casual market.

With that in mind, Ford has decided to exploit its “geek” side and take advantage of all of Microsoft’s augmented reality technology for designing and designing its next models, this in a fully interactive way that allows them to check up to the smallest detail of a model without even having to resort to a physical element.

Ford works again with Microsoft, but now in Augmented Reality

According to Microsoft, designers can see different shapes, sizes and textures of totally virtual elements that could occupy in a future model. The use of this technology allows users to be able to move and modify the virtual parts on the car for better results and designs, but with the enormous difference that none of this really exists and that their production and modification time is reduced radically in comparison with their clay models.

It is assumed that Ford in the first facets of the conception of a new model, use this new technology but once it has a practically finished model, we do not doubt that it occupies the craft method – how it is until now the use of the models of clay – to give the last finishes to the car, it is still clear that this trend will provide huge savings, both in time and resources.

For now, Ford is studying how you can apply the use of these glasses in other processes such as engineering and even the preliminary presentation of the concepts, something very important as it is just the first look of the board the one that defines if the car continues its development or not.