Attention, spoilers: Long-standing puzzles fans of the series “How To Get Away With Murder”, who is the corpse under the cloth. In yesterday’s mid-season final of the third season there was the shocking revelation.

Many US-American series pause over the Christmas holiday and the year change and return in the new year with the second half of the current season. Just as the real end of each season has to be particularly dramatic in order to keep the viewer on track, the final episode before the winter break, the so-called “mid-season finale”, often comes with a particularly shocking revelation or unexpected Twist on. In the beginning, the fans of the series are wondering who the corpse is under the cloth, which is apparently in a fire in the house of the main character Annalise Keating (viola Davis) – and now the latest version of yesterday’s November 17, 2016, the shocking solution of this puzzle was presented.


The dead man is none other than Wes Gibbins (Alfred Enoch), who has been part of the tribal personnel since the first season. Gibbins is one of the five students Annalise has gathered around him. The fact that he is the corpse under the cloth has been kept secret, even in times of the Internet, and the revelation turned out to be a real surprise for the big American industry magazines – as Variety writes, most fans had Frank (Charlie Weber ), Nate (Billy Brown), or Connor (Jack Falahee).

In the wake of yesterday ( “Who’s Dead?”) It was then shown that Annalise ordered their students in their house and that Nate and Laurel (Karla Souza) actually enter the house. Due to the special structure of the series with its front and rear shadows, however, it is already known that Laurel survives – at this point is apparently Nate the victim. In one of the last scenes of the episode, however, one can see how Nate wants to look at a dead man from the fire.

Wes apparently got a call from Annalise, like his other students, but on his mailbox. As soon as he heard the news, he sneaked out of the police station, where he was being interrogated, and went to Annalise’s house, but the spectator had not seen it before. As if this revelation was not enough to keep fans of “How To Get Away With Murder” over the winter break, there is a second revelation: In the last scene of the episode, Nate visits Annalise in prison and tells her That Wes was already dead before the fire broke out in Annalise’s house – who killed Wes and caused the explosion in the house is still open, as are numerous other questions.

Until the questions are answered, viewers still have to be patient. According to Entertainment Weekly, the second half of the third season, “How To Get Away With Murder”, will continue on January 19, 2017. On German television, the latest season has not yet run.

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