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The Community Spotlight 2023.01.21 - Giant Bomb

Break it into short paragraphs Welcome to the latest edition of the Giant Bomb Community Spotlight! I am you host, @zombiepie. That first sentence has never been difficult for me to write, but it sure was this week. As most of you already know, Jess and Jason were laid off as part of sweeping layoffs that hit virtually every site in the Fandom network. Other names impacted included Mat Elfring from GameSpot and Justin Vachon who was the Giant Bomb and GameSpot’s lead brand designer. Some truly talented and wonderful people who are now gone and that’s gut-wrenching.Jess is an amazing person and highly talented video producer and their absence is a huge loss. She provided endless laughs and smiles as well as a steady supply of Giant Bomb content that got everyone through some incredibly tough times.Jason has been a rock for the Giant Bomb community and their presence was something to look forward to for nearly ten years. Others have already thanked them for their mentorship and genuine kindness and I will join them.Mat Elfring is a name that many in Giant Bomb community today may not remember. But, for those that were here long enough to recall the Whiskey Media days, you may recall them being a regular Comic Vine fan prior to rising up to become a face that welcomed you whenever you logged in.The latest designs from Justin Vachon were amazing and they brought a new sense of freshness to Giant Bomb and GameSpot on the front page and elsewhere. I loved everything they made and wish them and their future endeavors the best.Support these people. Do what you can to follow them, subscribe to their current social media platforms or streaming accounts, and show them the love and appreciation you had for them when they were here. Below you can find a handful of helpful links on how to go about that in whatever way is possible. Here are some links Chroneus from the Giant Bomb Discord was able to nab and if you feel like there are other employees or staff links I can add to this edition of the Spotlight, feel free to drop a comment.Giant BombGameSpotWhiskey Media (Comic Vine)->CBS Interactive (Comic Vine/GameSpot)->Red Ventures (GameSpot)->Fandom (GameSpot)->JoblessI love you all at @GameSpot. You all made me so happy. That job was something I was so luck to have for 7 years. I cannot believe I’m gone. — Mat Elfring (@ImMatElfring) January 19, 2023 Very sad to say I got let go today. Wasn’t even there 6 months and @Gamespot felt like a home. So extremely grateful for the experiences I’ve had and more importantly the incredible people I got to become friends with. So incredibly proud of our team. — “Strollin’ Stu” Kimball (@stueyreviewy) January 19, 2023 Hey all coming back here to say that I’ve been let go from GameSpot/Fandom along with some other phenomenally talented writers and editors. If anyone has any opportunities, please send them my way, I’m in a terrible spot. — Regular Sized Mason (@rustypolished) January 19, 2023 Secondly, the staff and team that remain on Giant Bomb are as gutted and upset as you. As you can see in the Tweets section, the loss of Jess and Jason has devastated them. Both the next Grubbsy edition of Spite Club and the debut of season two of Friday Night Forking are delayed until next week.Finally, the forums are a safety net and a place for expression for so many of you. Expressing anger, disappointment, and/or frustration in light of recent events, when it is not at the expense of others, is and always will be allowed. The thread discussing the layoffs will remain open on the site and a place for everyone to share how they feel and to express concerns about the site’s future. While I will not be linking the other thread that advocates on the behalf of the remaining staff due to its use of swearing in its title, I understand and emphasize with the sentiment and cannot deny I too have felt that way about the coming days, weeks, and years. The tweets I was able to find wishing everyone the best are just the tip of the iceberg. To everyone in the community leaving the site, I wish you all the best and want you to know that your companionship and interactions well over a decade meant the world to me even when I did not show it.TweetsIt was a serious dream come true and total honor to work with all the folks at @giantbomb! I never srsly considered it would ever happen to me! I’m available for any other dream jobs, like Capybara Tender, editor on @mega64, or someone who is paid to live in Japan for some reason — VoidBurger (AKA Jess) 🍔🎮 (@VoidBurger) January 19, 2023 Well. Damn. I got caught in the layoffs too, I’m afraid. Had a good run though, yeah? — Jason Oestreicher (@unastrike) January 19, 2023 Well, for the first time in my life ive been laid off and…just feel completely numb. Its been a wonderful year+ working with @GameSpot @giantbomb @TVGuide and @metacritic but now i gotta start to figure out what the fuck is next, just at a loss for now to say the very least 🫠 — justin vachon 🫠 (@megaberrycrunch) January 19, 2023 Whiskey Media (Comic Vine)->CBS Interactive (Comic Vine/GameSpot)->Red Ventures (GameSpot)->Fandom (GameSpot)->JoblessI love you all at @GameSpot. You all made me so happy. That job was something I was so luck to have for 7 years. I cannot believe I’m gone. — Mat Elfring (@ImMatElfring) January 19, 2023 Losing a lot of incredibly talented friends and colleagues today. It’s heartbreaking. I’m sure you’ll see their tweets, if you’re in a position to hire, please consider them. GameSpot and Giant Bomb have some of the best people in the industry, and they will do amazing work. — Tamoor Hussain (@tamoorh) January 19, 2023 Jess (@VoidBurger) is one of the most fantastic video editors I’ve ever known and had the pleasure to work with. An incredible person to have on your team. The Fancy Cats will continue to prance on❤️ — Jan Ochoa (@_janjerome) January 19, 2023 If you are trying to make sense of it all — don’t. I promise there is no sense to any of this. — Grubb (@JeffGrubb) January 19, 2023 It’s very difficult envisioning a Giant Bomb without @unastrike @VoidBurger and @megaberrycrunch. Beyond grateful for all of their inspiring work and continued friendship– so fortunate to have worked alongside them. If you’re in a position to do so, please consider hiring them. — Jeff Bakalar (@jeffbakalar) January 19, 2023 Heart goes out to the folks being laid off at Giant Bomb and Gamespot. 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