Gifts to buy on Christmas Day | Lifestyle

Gifts to buy on Christmas Day | Lifestyle

Christmas is finally here and if you are still looking for the perfect gift, options are available.

Here are some gifts you can purchase before your friends and family gatherings:

Gifts for adults:

Essential oil diffuser – Walgreens

The Woodsy by GuruNanda is sold at Walgreens and is a two-in-one humidifier and essential oil diffuser. It runs quietly, has two mist modes and seven LED light settings.

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Candles – Lowes Foods

Candles can be found at almost any grocery store, and are a great gift for those who like their home to smell nice.


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Lottery tickets –  Corner Pantry

Do not rule out gas stations when thinking about last minute gifts. Lottery tickets are an option for adults who have great luck.


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Gifts for children:

Plush toys – Walgreens

Walgreens has toys for young ones who like something cute and snuggly.

Plush toys

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Gift cards – Lowes Foods

Most grocery stores sell gift cards to various stores, which is an option for children who like to pick out their own gifts.

Lowes foods gift card

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Candy – Corner Pantry

Children often love candy and you can find all of the popular types at most gas stations. Holidays are the perfect opportunity for children to splurge on sweets.