In the event that you are the member of the Gronkowski family, you have some advantages from the birth such as having your own ship to party! And the little brother of Glenn Gronkowski, Rob Gronkowski from the Patriots knows how to party with this ship. However older brother stated that party would end up terribly by resulting to hurt both of the player’s career in NFL Scouting Combine. Older brother also questioned by the team about the things gone in that party as well as for his little brother. Critics said that it could end both of the players’ professional career.

Glenn Gronkowski’s Brother is Causing Problems to Him

Being a Gronk can have its definite advantages. Kansas State fullback Glenn Gronkowski revealed Thursday morning at the NFL Scouting Combine that it can also have a downside.

Gronkowski, the younger brother of Patriots TE Rob Gronkowski, said he’s been asked “at least 50 times” during combine interview sessions with NFL teams this week about Rob’s recently concluded party cruise.

“The whole Gronk Cruise thing, I’ve gotten a lot of that,” Glenn said when asked about the types of questions he has fielded from teams. “I’ve had to put up a lot with that this week.”

For the record, Glenn wants everyone to know that he was not aboard the ship. Instead, he was working out and getting ready for the combine.

And as long as we’re clearing things up, one other thing …

“He’s crazy, obviously,” Glenn said of Rob. “He loves to have fun. But, yeah, I’m not as much fun as him. That’s kind of hard to be. It definitely comes with the family, though.”

Glenn appeared somewhat serious when talking about the line of questioning he was receiving from teams inquiring about the family reputation of being partiers. He wanted to assure them this would not be an issue.

“I’m 100 percent committed,” he said. “I’ve never been in trouble with the law. I’m not doing anything dumb, I’m not getting in trouble. Shouldn’t be any problems at all.”

If Glenn is to follow in his brothers’ cleats (Dan, Chris and Rob all played in the NFL), he knows he’ll have to do it, initially at least, as a special teams player. He understands it’s a longshot to get drafted. He says he’s talked to 15-20 teams so far, mostly ones that still use a fullback. He’s been told he’s got a shot on the third day of the draft, but most have given him a free agent grade.

He said he’s met this week with the Patriots, who also talked to him at the Senior Bowl. While he doesn’t have a preference which team gives him a shot this summer, he likes the idea of playing for Buffalo, where he grew up.

“We were at all the Bills games; we were cheering for the Bills and all that,” he said. “Obviously, they have never been that good, but we were always there cheering for them and everything. But yeah, that would be awesome to be there. Any team would be a dream come true.”

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You know what the difference has been between all the cases? People bring up Johnny Manziel, Josh Gordon, and multiple other atheltes getting picked on by the NFL for drinking, yet you dumb azzes don’t realize that there is another word that follows with it. DRIVING!!!!!! Manziel got pulled over for a DUI, Josh Gordon got pulled over for a DUI, Gronk has never got behind the wheel when he has been drunk. Gronk even states that he pays is cab driver $1500 to stay him with over a span of 4 hours while he drinks it up at the club, so that he can get home safetly.

The media is so retarded, they’re asking him if he is happy to be a part of the Gronkowski family, lol! His older brother will probably go down as the greatest tight end to ever play the game, what is there to be unhappy about? Gronk likes to party, whats the big deal? The mean is obviously focused on his job, hence his performance. He isn’t a clown that goes around beating women or getting pulled over for dui’s or getting into fights.

That makes me feel old because the Bills were a great team in the Jim Kelly,Thuman Thomas,Bruce Smith etc. days.4 straight Super Bowl appearances and the Gronks were at an age (if even born yet) where I could tackle them without getting run over. They missed quite a show but at the same time didn’t have to deal with heartbreak of 4 straight Super Bowl defeats.



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