This novelty garment is mainly aimed at cyclists. Allows you to control devices while you are on the move

Levi Strauss starts selling a jean jacket with tactile controls sewn onto his fabric this week, the first fashion product that comes from his collaboration with Google.

Google introduces touch controls in a Jean Levi Strauss jacketThe iconic American fashion company, whose history goes back to the gold rush in the mid-1800s, will enter the global mobile internet boom with its “Jacquard Trucker Jacket.”

This jean jacket, aimed mainly at cyclists, has the cuff of a sleeve made with a special Jacquard fabric that synchronizes without cables with smartphones, activating a limited series of commands when touching or sliding the hand by the fabric, according to a video posted on YouTube by Levi Strauss.

“As we see, this is not just technology by technology, it’s about meeting a real need of our consumers on the move,” said Levi’s vice president for product innovation, Paul Dillinger.

“This garment allows cyclists to literally navigate during their travels and control simple tasks without ever having to take their eyes off the road,” he said.

Google engineer Ivan Poupyrev said in a blog that first and foremost, it is “a jacket, like any regular jean jacket: you can wash it (just by removing the label), it is durable, designed to be comfortable for cyclists and to keep the heat of whoever uses it. ”

Poupyrev said the garment also allows users “to perform common digital tasks, such as putting or stopping a song, getting directions or reading text messages, simply by sliding their fingers or striking the sleeve of the jacket.”

The “Jacquard Trucker Jacket” will be priced at $ 350 when it begins to be available in select US stores starting Wednesday and on the website on October 2.

Just over two years ago, Google unveiled its so-called Jacquard Project and announced that Levi Strauss would be its first partner.
Dubbed in honor of a Frenchman who invented this type of fabric, the Jacquard Project is in the hands of a small team of Google specialized in advanced technology projects, other than developing great innovations such as cars with autopilot.

Fabrics with conductive yarns can be sewn in a variety of fabrics and be designed to visually stand out or go unnoticed.

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