Family Link, the parental control solution that Google launched in private beta this past March to enable parents to control Android devices that deliver to their children under 13, begins today to be publicly available in the The United States, so that parents will no longer have to have an invitation to start making use of it.

As we said at the time, with Family Link, parents can establish a series of rules for the use of Android devices that deliver to minors, from approving and denying the installation of mobile applications to setting time limits, being able to block the running Android devices remotely when it comes time to study, play, go to bed, or any other situation that may occur.

In addition, parents will have access to a statistical report of activities performed by their children on their Android devices, and can get them either weekly or monthly.

The requirements for using Family Link are to have a compatible Android device for the child, a Google account for the child that is managed with Family Link, a compatible mobile device (either Android or iOS), Google account and reside in the U.S.

The idea, after all, is to safely expand the Android ecosystem to the smaller ones under the supervision of their respective parents



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