Google goes on a shopping spree. Supposedly you want to buy Fitbit now. An indication that you continue to work intensively on a Pixel Watch?

According to Reuters , Google’s parent company, Alphabet, is in talks about buying Fitbit. Alphabet has allegedly already made an offer to buy the US fitness company.

No further details of the alleged possible takeover were confirmed. At present, there is no certainty that these negotiations will lead to a takeover. Also offered for Fitbit Price of Alphabet was not mentioned.


Google took over part of Fossil only a few months ago. Even then, it was pretty clear that Google needed help to further optimize Wear OS.

And even the possible acquisition of Fitbit shows that you continue to work on their own smart watch, possibly the Pixel Watch. For the shareholders of Fitbit, the announcement has already been worthwhile, the stock price soared by just under 19 percent.

Does Google want the health data?

Fitbit is regarded as a pioneer in the market for so-called wearable, as writes . The US company has teamed with US health insurers and made acquisitions in the health care market to diversify its sources of revenue. Analysts believed that much of Fitbit’s value could be in the health data collected.

With the possible acquisition of the search engine giant Google in the smartwatch area would get a foot on the market. Although Google is working with LG, whose modern bracelets are operated with software from the Internet company. However, Google has so far been unable to build up a strong presence in the area of ​​wearables with its own hardware products.

According to Manager Magazine, Fitbit would not be Google’s first wearable deal: “The Fossil Group announced in January that it would be licensing its patents related to the emerging smartwatch technology for $ 40 million Google will sell. »

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