Graduate of SU “Business of Cannabis” program shares her experience

Graduate of SU “Business of Cannabis” program shares her experience

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (WSYR-TV) — Syracuse University is offering four online cannabis education programs through a partnership with Green Flower. The programs are open to students at the university as well as anyone 21 or older.

NewsChannel 9 sat down with Robin Thompson, graduate of the SU “Business of Cannabis” program.

Thompson says she never planned on taking the course, it was just something she stumbled across.

“It was one of these things I had read a story about it and I thought oh that looked a little interesting,” said Thompson.

Being a trainer at her current job, Thompson says the learning never stops.

“I knew since that cannabis had gone legal adult-use in March of 21 that having knowledge in this new industry was going to be really important and I knew that being a resource for my company this could be something that would be beneficial for not just me personally but for them,” said Thompson.

Quickly enrolling. Thompson was in the first cohort beginning in June 2021, completing the course in December of 2021. She says the course was great, giving her a good breath of knowledge.

“The first 8 weeks are focused on cannabis 101. So everyone who does the program does that first same 8 weeks and then you branch off into what your specialty is, whether its business, law, medicine or cultivation,” said Thompson.

In addition to the Business of Cannabis, you can take Cannabis Health and Medicine, Cannabis Agriculture and Horticulture and Cannabis Compliance and Risk Management. The programs are open to both SU students and anyone 21 and older.

“There’s assignments every week, there was readings, there were videos to watch, anywhere from four to 10 hours a week of work probably and it was fascinating,” said Thompson.

Helping Thompson better understand the industry in her current job.

“I was on some calls with clients with some other people on my team and occasionally we would get done and I would say you know, did you know what they were talking about and they are saying no, I wasn’t really sure what they meant and I felt great because I knew what they meant,” said Thompson.

If you’re interested in registering for one of the four programs offered at Syracuse University, you can enroll now!

Click here to register and learn more about the programs.