We can rarely afford long sitting at the dinner table because everyday rush demands us. Each day we try to consume our meals fast forgetting about old tradition of dining. Work and gadgets are capturing our attention and aren’t letting us fully enjoy the meal. In the sense, our ancestors were wiser than us. They spent long time at the dinner table and, perhaps, this is one of the main reasons of low obesity level in the past.

Recent studies have shown that long staying at the dinner table may help in the struggle with obesity as well as adding more vegetables in meals. The environment also matters much. It is important when you are having a long warm talk with our friends and relatives with whom you feel happy and comfortable. The research was conducted by Jerica Berge, a behavioral medicine provider in the University of Minnesota Department of Family Medicine and Community help. Alongside with her colleagues she proved that family dinner at least one time for a week can decrease the risk of overweight.Healthy Living With Family Dinner

Even one or two such family meals can reduce odds of obesity. As the food is more likely to be healthy and daily stress also goes away while having good time in a friendly atmosphere the chances of better digestion get bigger. Thus, we can combat obesity and it has a long lasting effect if the tradition of family dining is kept for quite long time. Raising healthy living habits in children has strong impact on their health and helps grown-ups in the fight with overweight. As dr. Berge states, “Informing parents that even having 1 or 2 family meals per week may protect their child from overweight or obesity in young adulthood would be important”. And if adults don’t forget about importance of vegetables and low-fat food, children are more likely to be as healthy and slender as their parents would like.