Health official in southern Indiana have sent an alarm that warns against unprotected sex and needle sharing due to HIV outbreak among the people who inject prescription drugs.

26 HIV cases have been confirmed since mid-December by Indiana department of health. Preliminarily four people have been diagnosed with the virus.

The cases in the five counties, Jackson, Washington, Clark and Scott are connected to people who inject themselves with the prescription painkiller opana, Opana is said to be more potent than oxycontin.

The HIV outbreak in Southern India could have been sparked by abuse of painkillerIn statement by Dr. Jerome Adams, he claims that, the outbreak is strongly associated with the prescription drugs, hence they will not only dwell on identifying, contact and test the exposed individuals, but they would also bring together community members for substance abuse treatment and recovery.

The release indicates that the state is closely working with the health officials to assist them contain the outbreak.

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