House, Senate disagree on special election

Ohio Governor Mike DeWine presents his budget at the State of the State event at the Ohio Statehouse in January.

The Ohio House and Senate didn’t reach an agreement this week on the state’s transportation budget. Republicans remain divided over whether to hold a special election in August, and both chambers debated lowering the age to become a police officer.

We break down what it all means In this week’s episode of Ohio Politics Explained. A podcast created by the USA TODAY Network Ohio Bureau to catch you up on the state’s political news in 15 minutes or less.

This week, host Anna Staver was joined by Ohio Republican Party Chair Alex Triantafilou.

Ohio GOP Chairman Alex Triantafilou.

1) Harder to amend

The ongoing debate over whether to raise the threshold for voter changes to Ohio’s constitution got a little thornier this week.

Republicans want to raise the threshold to pass a constitutional amendment from a simple majority of 50% plus one to 60%, but they can’t seem to agree on when the idea should go before voters.

Senate Republicans said they’d like to call a special election in August, but House Speaker Jason Stephens, R-Kitts Hill, said he doesn’t support that idea.