Infographic: Who Do You Trust More – Government or Business?

Who Do You Trust: Government Or Business? [Infographic]

Do governments protect people from the excesses of capitalism, or should business be safeguarded from overzealous governments? The latest edition of the Edelman Trust Barometer has revealed which countries lean one way or the other. In the survey conducted in late 2022, South Africa had the highest net trust score for businesses, largely due to its low trust in government. 22% of South Africans said they had trust in the government, yet its average trust in business was 62%.

Mexico, meanwhile, achieved a high business trust score due to low-to-average trust in government and elevated trust in business. Trust in business was 24% higher than trust in the government. Argentina and Nigeria also had low trust in government, resulting in the second and third-highest net trust in business. Japan, the U.K. and Spain also had low trust in government, while the U.S. scored average for both metrics.

Germany, Sweden, Canada and France had the most equal trust in government and business, while China, Saudi Arabia, Singapore and the United Arab Emirates had the most trust in government. In China, businesses had a trust rating of 84% and governments of 89%, while in Saudi Arabia, these figures were 73% and 83%, resulting in a net trust in government of 10%.


The survey results suggest that countries where trust in government and business are rated most equally tend to have a neutral stance on both, while nations where trust in government is higher also generally trust both communities.

Charted by Statista