Intel’s upcoming Core i5-1350P CPU benchmark shows 6% uplift over predecessor

Intel's upcoming Core i5-1350P CPU benchmark shows 6% uplift over predecessor

Core i5-1350P – Intel’s new 12-core CPU for ultralight laptops

A new SKU from Intel’s Core P-series with lower TDP has been put through Geekbench CPU test. 

Intel’s new Core i5-1350P processor has just been tested with Geekbench software providing first performance figures on this new 12-core CPU for low-power laptops. This leak appears exactly a month after Core i7-1370P was featured in the same benchmark.

This CPU offers 12 cores and 16 threads, which means 4 Performance Cores combined with 8 Efficient cores. The same configuration was used for current-gen i5-1250P CPU. What has changed are the clocks, the base clock is now 1.9 GHz (+200 MHz) while the turbo clock reaches 4.7 GHz (+300 MHz).

The CPU has appeared alongside Acer TravelMate P614-53 laptop, which is a lightweight laptop for business. Intel’s P-series are very commonly used by such systems that can rely on integrated graphics only.

Intel Core i5-1350P Specifications, Source: Geekbench

Since 12th Gen Core P-Series are not listed in the official Geekbench ranking, finding a reference point for comparison could be problematic. However, Notebookcheck have suitable data based on their own testing which shows that Core i5-1350P is 6% faster in single-core test and 2% faster in multicore compared to the predecessor (Core i5-1250P).

Intel Core i5-1350P Performance, Source: Geekbench

Companies such as Acer are to announce new thin-and-light laptops very soon. Intel is set to launch its 13th Gen Core P series as early as next week at CES 2023. Thus far we have confirmation on two Intel 13th Gen Core P-Series SKUs, both are listed in the chart below:

Intel Core 28W P-Series Mobile CPUs
VideoCardzCore/Threads ↓Performance CoresEfficient CoresP-Core BaseP-Core BoostTDP (Max)
Core i7-1370P
Core i5-1350P
Core i7-1280P
Core i7-1270P
Core i7-1260P
Core i5-1250P
Core i5-1240P
Core i3-1220P

Source: Geekbench via Notebookcheck