The Firefox developers have introduced a new iOS browser, which protects against data collectors such as advertising networks and social networks.

While surfing, you are now being observed by dozens of data collectors who record every action. In addition to Google and Facebook, this includes a variety of advertising networks. If you want to prevent this, Firefox has the new Firefox Focus 2.0 software for iOS users, a stand-alone browser with integrated privacy protection. The app will soon be available in Germany, currently it is only available through the US store. Ad-Tracker, Analytics tracker (like Google) and social tracker (for example from Facebook) are automatically blocked. You can also allow these tracers to be used with the default settings. In addition, you can delete all surfspaces with one click, for example, to remove the page layout.

IOS 10 Mobile browser with tracking filter from Mozilla

Firefox Focus also prevents the display of some advertising banners, in contrast to the controversial adblockers such as Adblock Plus, however, privacy is the main focus. Basically, as is the case with the desktop version of Firefox, the block lists of the data protection initiative Disconnect. This endeavors to find a balance between the wishes of the advertisers and surfers.

Optionally you can block further tracker, but according to the manufacturer, the display of some websites and videos can prevent. The new browser will not only guarantee more privacy, but also blocking the tracker will speed up the display of many websites. The tool Safari can not replace completely, so a bookmark administration is missing.

The tool can also be very well integrated into Safari. With a button you load a page in Apple’s browser, for example, if there are problems with the display. In addition, the tool can act as a pure advertising block for Safari. After the installation, the tool can be selected in the preferences of Safari as content blockers.

In Germany the app appears somewhat later and instead of FirefoxFocus the name “Klar by Firefox”. The same-named Safari advertising block, whose presets are almost identical, remains available (in the US, by the way, the advertising block “Focus by Firefox”). This is not compatible with the iOS version of Firefox and can only be used as a content blocker in Safari. The reason for this somewhat strange renaming in “clear” is the German magazine “Focus” with which the app should not be confused. Is the Focus editor Burda nevertheless a partner of Mozilla.