The iPad Pro and the Surface Pro 4 look the same on paper but take different paths to the use.

iPad Pro vs Surface Pro 4: Which ‘hybrid’ is the perfect one for you?

iPad Pro or Surface Pro 4? Apple or Microsoft? Windows 10 or iOS 9.2? If you’re in the market for a tablet that doubles as a laptop you’ve got a lot of choice, but the two standout options, for us anyway, are the iPad Pro and Surface Pro 4.

iPad Pro, Surface Pro 4 How large format tablet chooseBoth have big, beautiful displays with plenty of power and a range of nifty accessories that make them much more than the tablets we were used to just a few years ago.

But, they’re still very different beasts. One runs a fully desktop operating system, while the other runs the same platform as a phone. One has a brilliantly stocked app store with loads of optimised downloads, while the other is somewhat in that area.

There’s a lot of to mull over before you buy, but thankfully we’re here to help.

The release in France of Surface Book from Microsoft, a modular portable computer which the detachable screen can serve as touch pad, marks the return of Microsoft in the field of innovation. Presented as the ultimate laptop by executives of the Redmond company, Surface Book clearly targets the market shares of the MacBook Pro.

This launch comes a few weeks after that of Surface Pro 4, top shelf range of Microsoft who plays she even on the flat strips of iPad Pro, the first screen Tablet 13 inch Apple. On paper, the two products are alike: they boarded a large touch screen, can be associated with a keyboard for turning them into mini notebook and a pen to make sketches or take notes… Until their tariff schedules, which do not start below 900 euros.

To use, they borrow logically different paths due to the bias by the two manufacturers. Apple has chosen to equip the iPad Pro of the internal software of the iPhone and iPad (iOS) when Microsoft has the Surface the last Windows 10 Pro for tablets, that allows to find the same ecosystem PC with touch functions. In what cases does favor one or the other?

The iPad Pro more comfortable at home

What strikes first at its two tablets is the size of their screen. Both the iPad Pro Surface Pro 4 are more difficult to take in hand than the conventional 10-inch tablets. It is not question to use standing and it is complicated to immobilize them on his knees when they are associated with their keyboard.

12.9-inch diagonals (32.7 cm) with 2,732 x 2,048 pixels, iPad Pro displays the equivalent of twice the classic iPad interface. It has never been as comfortable surfing the web or reading an article on an iPad. Video playback, it gives the impression of being a small television. Its four connected speakers coupled to an accelerometer cannot make more necessary wearing a helmet to listen to music or watch a movie. On the other hand, applications optimized for the iPad Pro are still few. In the end, it is less embarrassed to return to the classic iPad for the most common uses (web, email, social networks) to read a digital newspaper.

iPad Pro, Surface Pro 4 How large format tablet choose 2

The Pro 4 Surface displays a smaller screen (12.3 inches) and a resolution of 2.736 x 1.824 pixels. Its two speakers are no match for Apple’s tablet. Both are very valuable to watch a film at the bottom of the bed, even if the battery is not always possible to complete. On this map, the scale leans on the side of the iPad Pro which can hold 10 hours in normal use and although longer in standby mode, when the Surface Pro barely longer than 8 hours.



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