James Harden, the guard for Huston Rocket has faced a suspension by NBA for one game following his act of kicking LeBron James on Sunday 105-103 victory over the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The game was a tough one and LeBrone James and Harden were seen to engage in great head to head battle. The battle was over one attempting to top the other on every given possession. Harden was overridden by his emotion at the point where LeBron attempted to tie him up and was trying to force jump a ball.

Harden was then seen directing a kick towards LeBron. This form of act has now forced Harden to watch their next game from the side bench as his fellow players will be enjoying their games. Up to now there is no action which has been taken against Lebron James regarding to the given matter.James Harden Kicks LeBron James and Gets One Game Suspension 3