The issuance of a preliminary injunction on Monday will temporarily obstruct the Obama Administration to carry on its actions related to immigration. On the other hand, a lawsuit has been issued against the work of the president.

The order was carried out by Judge Andrew Hagen in the U.S. District Court located in Brownsville. It is predicted that this will be a long legal battle for the administration. The court claims that President Obama has misused his authority to carry on actions related to immigrations which was announced last November.

The court, however, does not rule out the legal aspect of the actions taken by Obama. However, the authority must wait for the court before implementing the actions. However, the federal government has taken its stand against the ruling.

The impact of this order is almost immediate and many eligible immigrants will be unable to apply for their citizenship while the lawsuit is under progress.

Hanen, who has been operating since the regime of former president George W. Bush have indicated his sympathy towards the arguments of the filers. According to the suit, Obama’s action has been termed as a violation to the constitution which could severely damage the plaintiff states. The complaint further read that this matter is strictly about the limits of the constitution.

UPDATE: The press secretary of the white house has defended the actions of the Obama administration. The decision of the court has been termed by the official as prevention from undertaking lawful activities.  He has also indicated that The Department of Justice will appeal against the decision.



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