Justin Bieber Holds a Repentant Speech at the end of his Comedy Central RoastLast Saturday, Justin Bieber officially apologized for his bad behavior at the end of his Comedy Central roast. Paradoxically, the teenager known for various off-stage controversies was lowered down to the state wearing angel wings. A target of harsh butt jokes, Bieber’s end speech caught the audience off guard for its repentant tone.

“I turned a lot of people off over the past few years, but I know I can still turn out good music and turn everything all around,” said a 21-year old Canadian singer whose music talent has been disputed by his controversial off-stage behavior such as reckless driving and public urination.

The show featured other guests such as Snoop Dogg, Martha Stewart, Ludacris, Jeffrey Ross and others. The roasters joked about Bieber’s bad behavior, his music, appearance and relationship with Selena Gomez.

Bieber was apologetic about losing most of his positive traits, and expressed hope that in the future he will be a person that people will look up to and be prideful of.

Some of the  While Hart noted that his apology can be called “suicide,” the comedian Jeffrey Ross noted that the Washington Redskins believe Bieber should choose a different name, because his has become an offense.

The young pop star’s initial remark was, on the contrary, completely unapologetic. His final question was, “What happens when you give a teenager $200 million? You get a bunch of has-beens calling you a lesbian for two hours.”



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