LeBron James said in a tweet in the early hours of Monday that he had to evacuate his home due to wildfires in the Los Angeles area.

“I had to evacuate my emergency home and I have been driving with my family trying to get rooms. So far I have not been lucky! ”James wrote.

Later James tweeted that he found accommodation and sent prayers to families in the area, saying, “Please, be safe as soon as possible.”

The Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) issued mandatory evacuation orders for the areas that line Highway 405 near the Getty Center, where a forest fire, called Getty Fire, broke out in the early hours of Monday in the morning.

Evacuation orders were issued by the LAFD for “the top of Mandeville Canyon Road to Sunset. From Mandeville Canyon in the east to 405 in the west. The northern border is up to and includes the Mountain Gate Community. ”