The good thing The new Lenovo Flex 11 is an economical Chromebook of structure and manufacture very durable. Its main hinge allows the screen to rotate 360 ??degrees and can be tiled, folded like a traditional computer or used as a tablet. In addition, it has an IPS (In-Plane Switching) screen, which allows greater definition of colors as well as minimal distortion of the image from any angle or position that is seen.

The bad thing is a little heavy. Its touch screen and its space bar have difficulty recognizing touch contacts. In addition, its short and shallow keyboard is not comfortable.

Conclusion It is a fact that, among the Chromebooks on the market, the Lenovo Flex 11 is one of the few models that offers extra durability.

If you want a cheap laptop that stands out from the pile, the Lenovo Flex 11, which costs US $ 269, is one of the great candidates to choose from in the market.

This ‘chubby’ Chromebook has rubber protection at its corners (yes, like a car’s fender), because Lenovo says it can withstand a 2.4-foot (75-centimeter) fall. It also has a keyboard that is water resistant (up to a 220ml glass of water), sturdy ports, as well as a sealed mousepad that prevents any electrical damage in case of accidental spills.

Not only has a very durable design, it is also versatile. It has a hinge that allows your screen to rotate 360 ??degrees and use it as a tent to watch videos more comfortably, or fold it like a tablet – although considering that it weighs little more than three pounds, it does not last long sustained in the same position.

The Flex 11 has some flaws that we should consider, such as a short battery life, or a very coarse socket cord. But if you are looking for a low-cost laptop, for basic use and that is extra-durable or extra-rugged, it is one of the few options on the market.

Flex 11 has an initial price of $ 269 in the United States. Its availability in other countries has not yet been defined, but in the UK and Australia its price would be equivalent to £ 207 and AU $ 361, respectively.

Boring but tough
The Lenovo Flex 11 design is anything but sleek and stylish, like the HP Chromebook 13 or the Asus Chromebook Flip, but it’s certainly much more rugged for rugged use.

I carefully spilled some water on his keyboard and quickly dried it without suffering any damage or change in performance. I also decided to throw it a couple of times from one or two feet in height. Out of a couple of scratches left, his performance was not affected.

Its specifications and performance are comparable to other Chromebooks that are in the same range of low prices. This means that you will not have the agile response of an Intel processor or the high resolution of a Still screen, but the Flex 11 manages the basic operations and tasks that are expected of a Chrome OS system. However, do not forget that the Chrome OS is basically a Google Chrome browser, and is restricted to using work tools and applications that are in the cloud and you can not download or install software like the traditional Windows.

It works smoothly and seamlessly when you surf the web, when you spend hours watching movies on Netflix or when you’re reviewing or ‘spying on’ your friends on Facebook. In addition, your processor is enough to keep a couple of windows open while you enjoy high-definition (HD) video, without interruptions or long download times. However, if you exceed the number of open windows, you will begin to experience a decrease in your speed of operation.

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