List of features in Minecraft April Fool’s Vote Update 

List of features in Minecraft April Fool's Vote Update 

Mojang’s annual April Fools’ Day Minecraft snapshot is always highly anticipated since it features some of the most bizarre and unusual features in the game. These experimental versions are designed to offer players unexpected gameplay elements, such as the infinite dimensions introduced in snapshot 20w14∞. April Fools’ snapshots have become a popular tradition, with fans eagerly waiting for some wild surprises every year.

However, it’s worth noting that these snapshots are exclusive to the Java Edition of Minecraft. Players on other platforms won’t be able to experience these unconventional versions.

New features in Minecraft Vote Update snapshot

The 23w13a_or_b is 2023’s April Fools Minecraft snapshot, titled The Vote Update. As the name suggests, it adds a system that allows players to vote for gameplay features and mechanics that will be implemented in-game.

A voting proposal in snapshot 23w13a_or_b (Image via Mojang)

In the announcement video, the narrator revealed that the developers had been working on this snapshot since early 2017. Upon creating a world in this snapshot, players will find themselves involved in endless voting as different proposals keep popping up. Players can respond to them through a GUI that can be accessed by pressing V.

Advancements in this snapshot. (Image via Mojang)

The choices will instantly be implemented in the game, allowing players to change the rules of Minecraft. A new “I voted” goal can also be unlocked upon voting once in a fresh world. There may be some advancements later on as well since that menu shows up empty for now in this snapshot.

Features list

We couldn’t quite decide whether to make a ‘b’ snapshot this week, but he had a bunch of ideas so I guess you can choose for yourselves if you want it. Minecraft Snapshot 23w13a_or_b is now available in the Launcher!…

The snapshot comes with a bunch of new additions.

New blocks and items

  • Cheese: Can be found on the moon dimension
  • Bottle of mob: Allows players and mobs to morph
  • Potion of Small: Decreases entity size
  • Potion of Big: Increases entity size


A new variation of cows called moon cows has been added, and they can be found on the moon dimension. This intriguing mob walks backward and drops glass bottles, bones, and cheese upon death.

Moon Dimension

Steve on the moon with moon cows. (Image via Mojang)

A whole new dimension has been added, which can be accessed through voting for proposals that increase the moon’s size. Voting thrice for this proposal will increase the moon’s size to the point where its gravitational forces start pulling entities off the Earth.

Eventually, the player will enter the moon dimension, where the land is made of a new cheese block, moon cows spawn, and moon rovers emerge. The gravity here, as expected, is lower. Therefore, players can jump higher than usual and not sustain fall damage.