Apple has started on Thursday with the delivery of the new MacBook Pro series in Germany, but the first devices are expected to arrive mid-next week.

The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar is now also delivered to customers in Germany, buyers receive since Thursday shipping confirmations. However, the delivery is not expected until the middle of next week, Apple usually calls the 23rd of November as the earliest delivery date, as readers report, the new MacBook Pro series will be shipped from the Netherlands.

New customers have to adjust themselves to long waiting times, four to five weeks it takes according to the Apple to the dispatch, in addition, another scarce week for the delivery come. A collection in one of the shops is currently not possible in Germany – also not for the standard configurations of the 2016er MacBook Pro, except for the touch bar-free variant, which has already been available since the end of October.

Collection in US shops now restricted

In the US, Apple has been delivering the devices for a few days, where they can be collected in an initial shop after an online order – but the basic configuration of the 13-inch model is usually only available. For the more expensive execution of the 13-inch as well as the 15 “-MacBook-Pro, Apple there until the 30th December as a possible pick-up date.

Buyers should check whether the macOS Protection System Integrity Protection is active after receiving the MacBook Pro. This was not always the case for the first deliveries in the USA.



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