The 2015 Brit Awards, which were held at the O2 Arena in London, celebrated major accomplishments and achievements in British pop music. Pop sensation Madonna performed on stage towards the end of the night, singing her hit ‘Living for Love’. However, as one of the dancers tried to remove a cape that the pop sensation was wearing at the start of the performance, Madonna tripped and tumbled down a set of stairs, landing awkwardly. The singer recovered quickly and returned to finishing her performance.

Madonna later commented on the fall, stating that she was ‘fine’ and that her cape had just been tied on ‘too tight’. When Madonna tumbled backwards on stage, there were surprisingly no gasps of shock from the audience, as many of them thought that it was part of the performance, since her fall occurred as she was singing the lyrics ‘I fell into your arms’.

Madonna Falls off Stage at Brit AwardsAlso present at the awards that night was singer Ed Sheeran, who won the main prize of the night, album of the year, for his 2014 album which was the best selling record in the UK that year. He also won the award for best British male. Earlier on in the evening, Taylor Swift won the award for best international female, which is her first reward since she first started releasing records in the UK eight years ago. Swift first began performing at King’s College in London before she made it big, so winning the award was extremely emotional for her.