On the day when Nelson Mandela got freedom 25 years ago, he was missing for an hour at some place between the prison gate and the venue where he was about to deliver his speech in front of a large audience. At that time, mobile phones were not so much available. So it was way difficult to trace where he was.

Just last week, Nelson Mandela Foundation has revealed about that incident. They claimed, “Mandela was free, the whole world was waiting for him, ex-finance minister Trevor Manuel didn’t have any idea of his location. And the day was 11th February (Sunday), 1990. ” Later he was found having tea in a Cape Town suburban home, seems his driver made a bypass to avoid the huge crowd of City hall. When he finally made it to the hall, it was too dark that Mandela has to read his speech with torchlight and a pair of borrowed pair of glasses.

Mandela – Out of Sight for an Hour at the Day of LibertyIn the year 1964, Mandela was kept in prison for alleged disruption. He was imprisoned for about 27 years and stayed in various areas like Robben Island, Pollsmoor and Victor Verster prisons. His release has been ordered when the country leader F W de Klerk removed the ban on African National Congress and other liberation attempts.

Mandela became the country’s first democratic leader (via election) in 1994, and he retired after 5 years of time span. He died on 6th December, 2013 at the age of 95. His twenty five years imprisonment and later on his liberty has given rise to a new era that aided South Africa to become one of the most progressive establishments.