Microsoft Distributes New Build for Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile – Windows 10 mobile receives a more pre-release version with some new features. The build 10166 corrected many known bugs of the last pre-release version of the mobile operating system. Overall, especially the stability has been increased 10 mobile Windows.

Microsoft has released a new pre-release version of Windows Mobile 10. Windows Insider program participants can install the build 10166 now on a suitably supported Windows phone Smartphone. The update distribution is almost ring currently on the, on the slower slow ring the current build is not distributed yet.

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile

Larger battery icon

With the new build, there is a larger icon for the battery. Users had complained that the selected icon size was too small. Therefore, Microsoft has decided to widen the battery icon. It should be more obvious and the user can read easier the charge level of the battery.

With the previous build 10149 , there were still some difficulties that are fixed with the new version. So, the migration progress screen will appear in the future again correct. Because it was not correctly displayed, it seemed, the normal lock screen was frozen. He showed neither date nor time and seemed so useless. This condition could last up to ten minutes. The problem should be corrected now.

Microsoft Windows 10 Mobile 3

Logon process works correctly again

Also fixed a display error that ensured that the colours in apps were displayed incorrectly. So, as the title bar in the Outlook mail app should appear no longer on an orange hue. Also the PIN registration problems were fixed. So, an application despite correct PIN entry was not possible. This annoying error should no longer occur.

With the update, the Windows-Mobile-store completed its beta phase. Access to the old Windows Mobile store is no longer possible, because it has been removed. Downloads of apps are generally more reliable to work with this step. Also corrected errors in some Windows mobile apps that should be updated from the Windows Mobile store.