Microsoft may be killing off this amazing Xbox Game Pass deal

Xbox Game Pass at Gamescom 2022

What you need to know

  • Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s pay-monthly subscription service offering hundreds of games and access to Xbox cloud streaming.
  • Since it launched in 2017, new users were offered a month for just $1. 
  • Over the weekend, users began to notice that the promo offering seems to have come to an end. 

It may be the end of an era, as Microsoft calls time on Xbox Game Pass’ famous $1 promo period. 

Xbox Game Pass is Microsoft’s pioneering Netflix-like subscription service, offering hundreds of games for a comparatively low monthly fee. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on multiple full-priced AAA titles, Xbox Game Pass spreads the cost from just $10 per month, and at higher tiers, even comes with Xbox cloud streaming access for gaming on the go. 

Since Xbox Game Pass launched, new users were offered a month for just $1 to try out the service, but over the weekend, users started to notice (via that the long-time promotional pricing seems to be gone. 

(Image credit: | Windows Central)

Attempting to sign up to Xbox Game Pass (opens in new tab) using a fresh Microsoft account no longer offers you access for $1. Instead, it links straight to the three existing tiers, either $10 per month for Xbox Game Pass on console, $10 per month for Xbox Game Pass on PC, or $15 per month for access to both and Xbox Cloud Gaming. From what we can tell the change seems to be global, with no mention of the $1 promo tier appearing in any country we’ve tested out.