The Miele Wi-Fi oven is not a microwave.

The German high-end appliance manufacturer announced an oven that uses electromagnetic waves (the same energy as a microwave oven), radiant heat and a convection fan. According to Miele, the result is better flavor and faster cooking. The oven is more sophisticated than a microwave and more innovative than a traditional oven.

“The oven does not communicate with you,” said Markus Miele, director of Miele. “Talk to your food.”

So the oven works: The two antennas on the top emit electromagnetic waves with a frequency of 915 MHz. These waves respond to the texture of your food and adjust according to the food. At the same time, the antennas measure the amount of energy the food has absorbed and so the oven knows if the cooking process has finished. All this is done in conjunction with radiant heat and convection for faster, smoother and more effective cooking than microwaves, which typically use 2.45GHz waves.

The Miele Wi-Fi oven now has electromagnetic wavesFor now the oven is only available in Austria and Germany. Miele plans to sell it elsewhere in Europe before selling it in the US, Miele said.

During a demonstration of the oven’s operation, a fish was cooked in blocks of ice. The fish was cooked and the ice turned out to be intact, which Miele executives say is due to electromagnetic waves that detect food.

Other companies and manufacturers have tried to innovate the conventional oven. AEG will launch its oven with Wi-Fi and camera next year. The June smart oven includes cameras and face recognition to identify foods and cook them automatically. The Tovala smart oven uses a scanner to cook packaged foods. Also companies like Samsung, LG and GE have added Wi-Fi and NFC communication to allow you to use your mobile phone to communicate with your oven. The one from Panasonic combines a microwave and a conventional oven.

However, the Miele oven is one of the first to change the way food is cooked. The company has been working on this technology for six years, according to Miele. During this process, Miele consulted in other industries such as the preservation and transplantation organs.

Miele also said the company will teach users how to use the oven through workshops and home demonstrations.

“You have to learn a little,” Miele said, “but it’s not difficult.”

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