The German media company, Koch Media, has announced that it is developing a modernized version of the old Commodore 64 computers, launched on the market about 35 years ago, which they have christened the Commodore 64 Mini because, despite maintaining the aesthetics of the original , reduces its volume by 50%.

Those interested in purchasing a unit of Commodore 64 Mini will have to wait until early next year to be able to buy it at the price of 80 dollars.

Modernized version of the legendary Commodore 64 for early 2018

The new Commodore 64 Mini will have two USB ports that will enable the connection of joysticks or even the keyboard itself. In the pack will also come a joystick.

It also has an HDMI port, which will make it possible to connect it to any monitor or TV present. The pack will also include an HDMI cable. Point out that those users who want to get a true sense of retro image, will have different options of filters of pixels.

The company has included a good collection of classic games whose list is available on this link. No doubt, it will serve for all those nostalgic who want to relive the experience of the games of the 80’s that has been one of the best-selling computers of that time.

Those interested can already have a look at its official website and be aware of all the news that are being announced as the launch date approaches.