November 13 is the date chosen by Motorola to present a cell phone that will clearly turn 360 degrees. This is the old Motorola Moto Razr, which would now be presented as a flexible or foldable cell phone at an event in Los Angeles, California.

This Motorola cell phone would challenge the Galaxy Fold , which finally hit the market on September 27. Previously, rumors said that the Motorola Razr would arrive before the end of the year at a price of about US $ 1,600, which means that it would cost less than the Galaxy Fold – which costs about US $ 1,980 -, and from which Samsung had to launch a second version because the first had some failures.

The most recent rumor of Motorola’s possibly flexible cell phone is the Evan Blass filtration , which shows us a cover phone – the top image -, which will probably have a double screen where the cell phone from 15 years ago had a traditional keyboard .

If we had any doubt that this cell phone would have some flexible component, we lost it when we saw Motorola’s invitation for its event.

Now that you know what Motorola would prepare, I would like you to imagine for a moment that you are Marty McFly from the movie Back to the Future , because I am going to ride you on a machine that will take you to the past and then to the future in a few seconds. We will not go very far, only until 2004, when Motorola, then a local company from the United States and before the acquisition by Google – and subsequent purchase by Lenovo, to which it belongs today – launched the Motorola Razr , One of the most popular phones of his time.

Well, you know what time we are? It’s easy, I put you in a situation: at that time to have Gmail you needed an invitation and Facebook was just beginning to make a name. Well, the Moto Razr was the revolutionary cover cell phone of the time, and everything seems to indicate that the company wants to revive it in 2019 – and then we return to the present with a slight vision of the future.

Rumors of a folding Motorola Razr exist since 2016, and after HMD resurfaced Nokia from the ashes by releasing updated versions of its oldest and mythical phones, everything is possible, although rumors seem to indicate that the Motorola Razr that Lenovo would have between Hands is not only a vintage team, but rather a new digital jewel, which will join the clan of folding or flexible cell phones that we are getting to know this year.

Motorola Razr flexible: Rumors

One of the first rumors of the year has been the reappearance of the Motorola Razr brand as a flexible cell phone. According to The Wall Street Journal Lenovo had sealed an alliance with Verizon to sell the cell phone, which would arrive for a price of US $ 1,500. Then it was believed that this cell phone would arrive in February, but this never happened.

Verizon and Motorola have already had previous alliances, such as the Motorola Droid Razr, launched since 2014, and where the operator had the exclusivity of these cell phones. This rumor unleashed the investigations that have now let us know much more data about this cellular future.

This alliance would be reinforced with the emergence of a series of patents that relate to Motorola and Verizon. In particular, a Bluetooth technology certification platform announced that a future Motorola Razr would have Bluetooth 5.0 and that it would be endorsed by both companies, as reported by XDA Developers.

Of course, the YouTube channel TechConfigurations has also contributed its grain of sand to this series of rumors, imagining how this cell phone could be if it came true. This time the creatives have called Motorola Razr V4, and the cell phone basically opens to show a huge screen that has a section on the bottom for the fingerprint sensor, and that can fold the panel in two, closing it like the old one Razr, although on the outside it is all screen.

The phone could come in several colors. Undoubtedly, this is one of the videos that lets us dream about how the cell phone would be, although it does not mean that Lenovo is making it that way.

More recently we have been able to see a video in which the old Motorola Razr seems to gain strength, although with a modern design, and when opening it, it lets you see a single screen. However, the exterior is different from this previous video, because it leaves the external part much more similar to what we already knew of that cell phone that devastated in 2004.

In addition to these rumors, here are other reports that seem to make clear the future of Motorola Razr or Moto Razr flexible.

Motorola Razr design through its case

This filtration of April 20 allows to see the unfolded cell phone and for the first time the device case. The photo courtesy of SlashLeak , shows that cell phone advertising would already be ready, so the phone seems to come true very soon.

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