Kayla Mueller, a 26 year old lady was killed in Syria. The news has been confirmed by the US government after a group has sent photos of her dead body to her family. In a statement her parents stated, “With a broken heart we are sharing that Kayla Mueller is dead. She was a dedicated and sympathetic person. And she used to spend her short life to the people who need justice, freedom and peace.”

In a recent statement, Barack Obama mentioned, “We are in deep sorrow and grief on the death of Kayla Jean Mueller.” He, on behalf of whole USA, conveyed deep condolence to Kayla’s family. Syria announced Mueller was killed on Friday via a Jordanian fighter plane that threw bomb over the building she was kept in, situated in the north-central Syrian city Raqqa. This is the first time where ISIS killing of a young lady got much publicity in the media.

American Hostage Mueller is Dead

During the weekend, Mueller’s family has received an email message containing information of Kayla’s death. Josh Earnest, Press Secretary of White House mentioned that the news has been communicated with the intelligence poll and they confirmed her death. Both Jordanian and US administration claimed that she got dead by an air force attack. The building that was hit by the air force seems to be a weapons compound which in fact earlier got stricken.

In 2013, Mueller got kidnapped while leaving from a hospital in a city named Aleppo in Syria. She was working there from the end of year 2012 to help the refugees who tried to escape the civil war in Syria.