According to the poll of Bloomberg Politics/Saint Anselm, Jeb Bush, the earlier Florida Government personnel, has been considered to be the most favorable GOP potential nominee among Republican supporters of New Hampshire. Almost sixteen percent of Republican voters admitted that they want Bush to be elected. Whereas Sen. Rand Paul and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker were considered to be the next promising candidates along with 13 percent and 12 percent votes respectively.

But this is not great news for Bush, since earlier he had a 50 percent uncomplimentary rating and a 35 percent of complementary rating in general election votes. According to the poll, among the potential GOP nominees of 2016, only Donald Trump had a higher uncomplimentary rating. On the contrary, Hilary Clinton is on leading position from the Democratic side along with 56% of supports from the voters. Despite of refusing to have any interest in 2016 White House bid, Elizabeth Warren is at 2nd position with 15% supports. Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders jointly hold the 3rd position with 8% vote.

The entire voting process of New Hampshire will be held on 9th February, 2016. According to a current investigation of the University of New Hampshire, Republican supporters are yet to decide of whom to vote in the next election. It has been found in the analysis that only 6 percent of population has decided their voting decision, 9% are inclining towards a nominee and the rest i.e. 85% have not yet decided whom to vote.