One 22nd march, the astronomers were able to document the moments of the supernova while capturing shockwave which was creating by collapsing core. Nasa The first appearance of supernova shockwave

Brad Tucker who is an astronomer at Australian National University said that “It’s like the shockwave from a nuclear bomb, only much bigger, and no one gets hurt,”
When an old star die and runs short on fuel, its core collapse in and starts exploding, two stellar cores explodes.

For a long time, scientists spent a long time studying supernovas and its brightness. The brightness is high enough to be noticed from faraway galaxies, which makes them very easy to point. However, the understanding of supernova so is limited.

The recent images revealed explain the super nova and its early stages for the first time. The process forges some of the universe’s heavier elements, which includes sliver, argon, uranium, nickel and so on.

According to the astronomers, they didn’t see the shockwave in larger companion. Tucker said “The star was so large that the shockwave did not travel all the way to the surface,”
The researcher hope that they will be able to conduct further analysis on the basis of the recent observation which will give them more information about supernova and its early stages.



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