Recently Nintendo has given sales details of both its hardware and its software through a financial report. As we picked up a few hours ago, interesting facts in this report are detailed as the best – selling video games of Nintendo Switch or the spectacular sales figures of its hybrid console, which almost reach those of Xbox One . Now, we get information about the sales of Nintendo Switch Lite , the review of the console focused on portable gaming; and everything indicates that this will be a great success.

It is The Wall Street Journal journalist Takashi Mochizuki who collects on his Twitter account the amazing data of Nintendo Switch Lite . The revision of the hybrid console Nintendo managed to sell 1.95 million units in just 10 days on the market. With these figures, some analysts such as Serkan Toto, point out that the revision of the console will be “a great success in the long run”.

“A big surprise, according to analysts, is in sales by Lite regions. Approximately the console sold 800,000 units in the United States compared to 390,000 in Japan. Normally, Japan leads the field of launch laptops while States United is approaching those figures at the end of the console’s life cycle. Analysts say Switch Lite could have found a new market in the United States,” Mochizuki explains.

If finally Switch Lite will be a great success or is not something that only time will say, but a strong catalog, great annual releases and a reduced price compared to the original Nintendo Switch make Switch Lite a really appetizing product that could well become the crown jewel for Nintendo during the upcoming Christmas. We will be attentive to bring any developments that arise in this regard.