Double Test – Volkswagen Passat vs Skoda Superb. Two new products of the Volkswagen Group, nearly twice the same subcutaneous technique and twice a 1.4 TSI with cylinder deactivation under the hood. So much for the similarities. Where are the differences between these two D-segments?

Skoda India has launched its latest luxury car, the Superb, in India at a starting price of Rs 22.68 lakhs. The Superb gets both a petrol and a diesel engine. ( Update Feb 2016 )

First we had asked ourselves what it exciting to come out when we compare superb with the VW Passat the new Skoda – finally they use so the same base. But then we drove off – and came to amazing discoveries.

With all those who never liked math, we meet again in the third paragraph, we welcome to the Printkolleg the rest of trigonometry. It helps to understand what comes out at the comparison between the Skoda Superb and VW Passat. Both are based on the modular transverse box. So many think the limousine would have to be not only equal but identical.

The Superb has very little competition in its price range which we witnessed with the Superb petrol, as it was easily able to outdo the Honda Accord on quite a few parameters. In fact, not only does it attract buyers looking at a segment below, but also buyers looking at a segment or two above it – such is its prowess in terms of features and equipment. With the diesel Superb,the competition is even more limited and comes in the form of the Passat, its own elder sibling. In Germany, Volkswagens invariably triumph over their corresponding Skodas, even though the most Czech thing about the Skoda by now is just its name. However in India, the cars are judged solely on the merit of the products. That the Passat has the most consistent and precise panel gaps of any of the cars tested by us, is a testament to the superb German build quality. Otherwise 3mm everywhere turns out to be a tough ask for the best of manufacturers.

Passat is more palatable That the Passat looks better goes without saying – it has got a much better profile even though the Superb has some highlights and design elements that are pleasing and classy, like the headlamps with the Superb emblem or the chrome edge to the bootlid.
What usually differentiates two cars of the same segment and price is usually the engine which in this case is identical in both cars, the 2-litre TDI pumpe duse (unit injector) engine of the Passat finds its way into the Superb. However there are some perceptible differences. The engine clatter seemed to be far less on the Superb. So we measured the sound of both the engines at idling and found there to be an over 5db(A) difference in the two. This is very pronounced at idling and the engine also seems to be smoother – more like a common rail unit than one with unit injectors. The Superb also outperforms the Passat comfortably, although the difference is slight. This could be because the Superb engine develops its maximum torque at a much lower rpm than the Passat. This results in better driveability as well. In-cabin noise is also less as is the fuel consumption, making the Superb a clear winner on these fronts, albeit by a tiny margin.

Same same but different
Are they not, even though their development on the same basis began. But the Skoda superb not exactly followed the trail of the VW Passat. We assume two walkers March side by side, walk straight ahead steadily with 4 km/h, but the course of one differs of another angle from the outset only to a tiny half from. Then they diverge after a half hour 17,45 metres, 70 metres after two hours. With the formula c ² = 2a ²(1 – cosγ), we calculate that the Principality of Monaco fit upright in the gap between them they continued for ten days every ten hours. We now consider that the pace presented Skodas developers for the project of SK 481 from April 2011, resembled no walk, we know that there are two different cars, with which we start to the test.

Skoda Superb 2.0 TSI: shut up, place and price

Skoda Superb Uhan24Skoda Superb Uhan24

In particular, there are two cars, of which each retains its own character. So, the main concern of the Skoda superb still consisting in offering represent immense space resources in the Fund. With 82 centimeters standard seating space it provides an almost absurd luxuriance which offers barely an advantage compared to the VW Passat, of 79 centimetres already 7 centimeters more has than an Audi A8. It, need the small foot-rests on the cozy upholstered back seat of the Skoda Superb enough to have stop, continue. You count the ice scraper in the gas cap or the large tailgate, which is the right to existence of the Combi in question to the folklore of the large Skoda as the umbrellas, of which there are now two, as well. As also the charging capacity of 625 to 1.760 litres – as much as in a van, the Opel Zafira about.

This they have done superb inside Nice the Skoda as so far, the operation and reorder. In the basic layout with the VW Passat identical, it has a few small advantages: for the Abstandstempomaten as there is a separate lever on the steering column. So he can be more easily controlled as VW Passat steering wheel buttons, with which it also applies the digital displays to configure. The Assistant Armada – from the standard city emergency braking system to the Adaptivtempomaten with stop-and-go function – can be adjusted in the Skoda Superb easier. The VW moves up even more systems Passat for autonomous now with ACC in traffic jams up to 60 km/h.


Skoda superb 2.0 TSI: A lot of car

Skoda Superb Ukslei32The dimensions, towers over the Skoda VW superb Passat in all dimensions, has five centimeters more wheelbase. And you immediately realize that a lot of cruising car with friends, there on the slightly less convenient and too high-positioned seats. The Skoda Superb never less than I feel like he is always a little cautiously and diplomatically. In the comfort level of the Adaptive dampers, he’s also tart bumps gently away, undulates up but long waves. In normal mode, the body calms down faster, the suspension but not more so eager is away rough bumps total gently firmer tuned, also Adaptive steamed trade winds.

There are usually only nuances that distinguish from each other. Consider both cars on different days, probably not so much fell on – the slightly simpler materials in the Skoda Superb, the weaker traction, poor visibility and sluggish handling. Because in all of the Skoda is superb with at the top of his class, but – as the direct change during the test drives trade shows – just only exactly in the shadow of the wind, rather than directly to the height of the VW.

The VW Passat 2.0 TSI: top of the WOBs
They know quite exactly what they so develop in Wolfsburg and Mladá Boleslav. The VW Passat has no single outstanding strength that characterizes it. He does it all perfectly and has outclassed so all five in comparison tests, from Hyundai i40 to BMW. And so is he the Skoda on this small mountain roads superb just from the rear-view mirrors, sweeps neutral as the earlier Understeering Skoda Superb curves, saves its gentle urging of load Exchange, directs with the optional progressive steering even more directly, more precise and reset message true, straight stretches, gripstärker and big on the next. The VW Passat feels much more compact on and integrating the lower positioned, very comfortable ergonomic seats. You may be a mid-size must can’t go as an adult come

To he slows down forcefully despite same tire dimensions, faster sweeps through the driving dynamics exams, has accelerated superb, the better traction than the Skoda also still a little better and consumes slightly less (8.7 instead of 8.8 l / 100 km) than the barely heavier Skoda. And so really, there is no explanation for this, because the drive is actually identical. So, hardly any significant differences arise in this chapter. Both motorized the two-liter turbo gasoline direct-injection of the EA888 series, actually feeling most at home in the Golf GTI . He cares again in two models to stunning vehemence at acceleration and power, even above by tempo 180 still powerfully forward press. The machine isn’t quite as convincing with refinement. From 4,000 rpm the TSI sounds rugged, and so high the double clutch box on the highway it often tours, rather than to rely on his hefty torque.

You can play Pinball through the steering wheel paddle through the corridors, what how unnecessary proves just as entertaining. Because in sports mode ploppt game and with sachtem jerking through his six stages, by sliding gear you in comfort mode seamless, sets the idle in eco mode when the gas deceleration and thus shows a similarly wide range as the two cars.

You then surprisingly far apart at the end in the character more than the points or the price. The Skoda Superb kept his role as cool-headed, clever limousine for all with an enormous space. Also it costs as 2.0 TSI style Passat Highline ausstattungsbereinigt almost 5,700 euros less than the VW. That must be enough for the victory. No, it doesn’t. Imagine like a snowflake detail where the VW Passat is better, small and light. Then there are so many at the end, that’s enough for an avalanche of it superb overrun even the Skoda – because nothing else 17 points are lagging behind in this comparison.

What makes the Skoda, superb now be a loser who he is not. He is probably iron the entire remaining competition. Yes, he is just as good. They exist, the Skoda would have earned superb Golden silver medal. He is the second best in this class. But that was the goal of the level walk already at the start in April 2011.

Skoda Superb and VW Passat are Compared 01

The latest Passat is sleek, stylish and modern-looking, with the now ubiquitous LED lights contributing to a very grown-up look at the front of the car. There’s quite a bit of chrome on display here, but not enough to encourage too many bad memories of the 1970s. There’s definitely a more premium fell about how this latest Passat looks, which can only be a good thing.

To our eyes at least, the Superb is a huge leap on from the old version (see how they compare in our old Superb vs New Superb guide), and it looks more upmarket than ever. The Passat has a saloon-style boot, whereas the Superb has a hatchback which lifts the rear window glass as you open it, so you can chuck objects into the back seats if needed.

Both cars play it fairly safe, but the Skoda has made the biggest leap over the previous generation so we’ll give it the nod here.