For months, Egypt is shaken repeatedly by attacks. The Attorney General in an assassination attempt, died recently. This time, it meets the Italian Consulate in Central of Cairo. A civilian was killed and nine others injured in the attack.

A civilian was killed in an attack on the Italian Consulate in the Egyptian capital of Cairo on Saturday morning. Nine other people were injured in the explosion of the car bomb in the city center, the building was heavily damaged, as announced by the Ministry of health. Italy Foreign Minister Paolo Gentiloni condemned the attack – the first on a diplomatic mission in Egypt since the coup two years ago.

A Health Ministry spokesman told the news agency AFP, several police officers were among the injured. Preliminary findings that perpetrated the attack with a car bomb. The facade of the Consulate, which was closed to the murder at 06:30, was partially destroyed. Wreckage of cars lay scattered across the street, a burst pipe caused a flood.
“Will not be intimidated us into”

One dead in bomb attack against Italian Consulate in Cairo EgyptGentiloni said his country will be “not be intimidated” by the violence. There were no Italian victims, said the Foreign Minister. Prime Minister of Italy, Matteo Renzi was on the phone with Egypt’s President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi and assured him his support “in the fight against terrorism and fanaticism” as his Office informed.
It was the first stop on a diplomatic mission in Egypt since the toppling of the Islamist President Mohammed Mursi by the military two years ago. Diplomats had recently but said they had been warned that the threat of attacks is increasing. Since the fall of morsi’s, armed Islamists carry out attacks on the security forces, in which hundreds of police officers and soldiers were killed again.

The violence is concentrated mainly on the North of the Sinai Peninsula, but also repeatedly there were attacks in Cairo and the Nile Delta towns. End of June Egyptian Attorney General Hisham Barakat was killed when a bomb exploded in Cairo. Al-Sisi then announced a tightening of security legislation a. In early July, there were fierce battles between security forces and Dschihadistengruppen on the Sinai Peninsula.