“One Last Look at Florida Politics Before 1.25.23: Get Caught Up on the Latest News”


Sen. Blaise Ingoglia and Rep. Toby Overdorf have filed legislation to protect Floridian businesses from IRS “targeting.” The bills (SB 372/HB 507) require state-chartered financial institutions to generate a regular report on IRS inquiries into Florida accounts; require online apps that report digital monetary transactions to issue 1099s to Florida businesses; and establish a “Civil Liability Trust Fund” to help small businesses defend, or even sue the IRS in the event of politically motivated audits or federal overreach. The move comes half a year after President Joe Biden signed the “Inflation Reduction Act,” which included a funding boost for the IRS to hire around 87,000 new agents. “The prospect of 87,000 more IRS agents is terrifying,” Ingoglia said. “So, while our friends in Congress try to derail funding for this ludicrous band of harassers, we, at the state level, are arming our small businesses with the tools they need to fight back if targeted due to political affiliation or ideological differences.” State and national Republicans have panned the move to expand the IRS workforce, including Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis, who warned a more robust IRS could lead to a “small business shakedown” by the federal government. He praised Ingoglia and Oberdorf for trying to address it at the state level. Moms for Liberty announced it will hold its second Annual National “Joyful Warriors” Summit in Philadelphia this summer. This week in January also marks exactly two years since Moms for Liberty became a national organization, expanding beyond Florida in 2021 and into New York. The organization now has a footprint in 43 states. The “Joyful Warrior” Summit will be held June 29-July 2 at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown. Moms for Liberty said it will announce “major keynote speakers” in the coming weeks, and that the event will also include breakout sessions on recent controversies in K-12 education and stories from parents on how they are battling for a voice in their children’s public education. “It is only fitting that we have our National Summit at the birthplace of our nation’s own freedom from government control and tyranny,” Moms for Liberty co-founders Tiffany Justice and Tina Descovich said in a news release. The group has proved a powerful political force, especially in Florida, where candidates backed by Moms for Liberty won School Board seats in numerous counties. The group also allied itself closely with Gov. Ron DeSantis, who had particular success with School Board endorsements and also won re-election in a landslide last year. Civil rights attorney Ben Crump recently spoke at a rally in the state Capitol, threatening a lawsuit against Gov. DeSantis if he does not negotiate with the College Board to allow AP African American Studies to be taught in classrooms across the state. Meanwhile, Florida has recorded a record-breaking Obamacare enrollment for 2023, and Texas Republican event hosts 2024 alternatives to DeSantis and Donald Trump. Andrew Warren has written DeSantis asking to reinstate him as State Attorney, and the impact of the “Don’t Say Gay” law on LGBTQ+ parents was revealed. Florida Republicans have promised school vouchers for all but have not revealed a funding plan, and after 18 years, a $1.5B dike repair is done at Florida’s Lake O. Democratic lawmakers have filed bills to stop gay or trans “panic defense,” and 2023 is an election year with races to watch. Finally, there is a look at the problematic politics of sacrifice, and the fact that in joint tax returns, women often go last.