Phillip Pickett, world renowned musician and conductor, has been jailed for 11 years, after it was discovered that he had sexually assaulted a number of teenaged girls at the school in which he was teaching. Pickett, who is a former musical director for London’s Globe theatre, as well as being known for founding the New London Consort ensemble, has been charged for a string of attacks that began in the 70s.

Pickett was charged with 15 sex offences last February, but because of additional charges, reporting about the incident was temporarily banned. He was found guilty and convicted of two rapes and two charges of indecent assault, and earlier this month, was sent to jail. Pickett carried out these offences in sound proof music rooms at the prestigious Guildhall School of Music, so that no one would be able to hear any cries for help.Phillip Pickett World Famous Musician Jailed for Sexually Assaulting Teenage Girls

Pickett’s first known attack occurred in 1978, with the claiming that Pickett instructed her to take off her top to work on her breathing, and then molested her. At her next private lesson, he raped her. The first reported incident occurred in 1984, but it is unknown how many other victims there were that are too afraid to speak out. The school is horrified and disgusted at this new information on one of their past teachers, stating their disbelief at how someone that was so looked up to by his students could perform such obscene acts on them, completely abusing his authority.

Pickett, who was living in a pretty Oxfordshire village with his wife, tried his best to delay his sentencing, as he wanted to attend music festivals with his wife. Police are urging any additional victims to come forward.