Pope Francis used his visit to Bolivia for a flaming appeal to the change of the world economic system. He apologized he even for the wrongs of the colonial era.

It was almost a political speech in which the head of the Roman Catholic Church at the second world meeting of popular movements in Santa Cruz, Bolivia demanded nothing less than a profound transformation of the global economic system and social rights for the poorer sections of the population.

Land, housing and work for all “our brothers and sisters” are “inviolable rights”, that’s worth fighting, Francis said at the meeting with representatives of popular movements from around the world. The current economic system in breach of the “plan of Jesus”, stressed the head of the Church. “Landless farmers couldn’t bear it, workers bear, bear the communities, peoples – bear’s and nor does it bear the Earth.”

New colonialism degrades the poor

He stressed that he will stand on the side of the popular movements and poor countries in the fight against new forms of colonialism. “The new as the old colonialism, which debases the poor mere raw material suppliers and suppliers of low cost labor countries, produces violence, misery, forced migrations and all the evils which we have in mind.”

The Pope called on the peoples of Latin America to strengthen their cooperation in mutual respect. Against this cooperation, we do set up a “new colonialism”, which included some “so-called free trade agreement”, warned the Argentine Jesuit.

Pope apologizes for sins of the colonial period

As already its previous predecessor John Paul II., Francis asked the original inhabitants of America for all crimes committed during the colonial period in the name of the Church for forgiveness. “I tell you with regret: many and serious sins committed against the native of Americans have been committed In the name of God.”



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