Pope visits Bolivia’s most infamous detention center.

Pope Francis has awarded courage during his visit to the infamous Bolivian prison Palmasola inmates. To be mean to not be “excluded”, the Chief said the Catholic Church in front of numerous prisoners. Rather, it involves a “reintegration into society”.
Pope Francis Speaks to Courage Prisoners of Palmasola

Francis also acknowledged the immense problems of the people in the crowded prison. “There are many things working against you, I know very well – the overcrowding, the slow justice, lack of employment and violence”, the 78 year old Argentine said. These problems need to be solved. No one should leave but discouraged. “Help you one another”, said the Pope.

The prison is considered to be the most violent in the country. Around 4800 men and women, one-third of all Bolivian prisoners are housed there. The prison was designed originally for 600 prisoners. Also children of imprisoned parents live there.