The memory of the Russian opposition leader will be performed in central Moscow by tens of thousands marching from 3 pm local time. Boris Nemstsov was shot dead after he made allegation urging citizens to protest against the president.

In condolence letter sent by the Russian leader, he indicated to bring to book the killers, which is contrary to statement made by Nemstov who claimed that Putin was after his life.

Preparation under way for March Commemorating Russian Opposition LeaderDeath of Nemstov has been condemned by international figures. Ukrainian president viewed the killing has a method that was used to silence the opposition leader.

Vladimir Markin, a spokesman said that Russia Investigative Committee is digging deep into several inquiry lines. He further lamented that the killing could be political or associated with Islamic extremism.

Nemstov was viewed to have the potential of succeeding Boris Yeltsin the president in 1990s. After Putin was chosen, Nemstov became one of his greatest critic.